Our core mission is to find, development and expose a handful of talented and innovative artists for a usually overlooked yet exciting contemporary audience.

    Since the brand’s inception in 2017, Distassi Art has established a unique platform for the world’s most inspiring emerging talent. In the traditionally exclusive art world, Distassi Art looks to discover, encourage and help introduce clients to works of art based purely on how passionate we are about them. The gallery has helped to introduce a variety of the art world’s clientele to important contemporary artists through immersive and inclusive events.


    Distassi Art's main goal is to be as open and transparent as possible with a clear purpose to diversify contemporary art audiences. In its reluctance to simply follow the traditional gallery formula,  Distassi Art is quickly becoming a key player in a world where art doesn't have to be experienced in an elitist, sterile and often silent white-walled room.  The gallery and its staff act as storytellers: primarily introducing clients to the story of some of the world’s most gifted artists.



    "We are all from very different backgrounds. however, our strengths come from these particular differences, offering key knowledge spanning a variety of fields"

    The art world has always been an exclusive, walled garden as Distassi art founders Michael Howes, Boe Distassi and Edward Sanders have witnessed. As young gallery directors they were, and still are, exceptionally set on improving the accessibility and progression of the art world.


    The trio was recently entered into a residency with fashion powerhouse Fiorucci, connecting incredible artists with a very active fanbase - a synthesis that may not have happened otherwise. The last artists to have worked with Fiorucci include Keith Haring and LA2.


    In the last year, the gallery has hosted more than 5 exhibitions, including stand-out shows and collaborations from Al Diaz, Endless, Daze, Crash and the late great Richard Hambleton. Today, creative director Edward Sanders tries to push the boundaries of how a gallery should operate, putting his focus on making sure as many people can experience artists and their works through connecting with brands and cultures that fit and complement their visions.